Allow me to introduce myself….

When I was five years old, the dwarves in Walt Disney`s film Snow White were my great favourites. With the aid of my teacher at Infant School, Miss Best, and a great deal of clay, I tried to bring them to life. Miss Best predicted to my parents that I would become an artist.

It was not to be. My parents thought I had the potential to become a physician, but that too was not to be.

During my studies in the USA I discovered my ultimate calling: the social sciences.  After two years` national service I went to Leiden to study sociology.  There I also met Marlene, with whom I shared my live for 55 years. 

My career

After a few years teaching at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague (a post-graduate training institute for people from developing countries), I became evaluator of the Dutch Government`s international education programme. Subsequently, I was appointed in as chief coordinator and evaluator of the training program of the United Nations` Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome. After 12 years in Rome I returned to the Netherlands, once again to evaluate the international education programme, now as project leader. Subsequently I established Socrates, a consultancy bureau for policy research in and for developing countries. My work for Socrates took me to more than 20 countries in Africa and Asia. Such experiences have naturally influenced my thinking and, as a logical consequence, also my drawings.

Sincere thanks

I want to express by great appreciation to my nieces, Tineke and Nathalie, and to my nephew, Louis van de Wiele. My website has only been made possible due to their technical ingenuity, very dear friendship and endless patience.