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Most people have the pleasant habit of letting others know that they are thinking of them on such occasions as Christmas and New Year, birthdays, marriages and births.  In sorrowful occasions, too, such as illness or the demise of a loved one, a sign of sympathy is much appreciated by the recipient. 
A letter or card is then usually the means of conveying one`s feelings. Experience shows that a really personal message is appreciated far more than a mass-produced card that may be purchased at any stationery shop or supermarket.
If you click on the left-hand side of the above logo you will find a number of sketches that I have made for these purposes. 
Who knows, perhaps I would be able to assist you with a design intended only for you and your dear relations.
Similarly in the business world.   A message that is directed specifically towards a particular contact will be appreciated far more than a public announcement in the newspaper. 
If you click on the right-hand side of the logo you will see a few of my more businesslike sketches.